Is your home or business in need of a new roof? Construction Solutions specializes in new roofing and repair. The roof is the most important element of a building structure. A leaky roof can result in structural damage as well as deadly black mold.

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Mossy Roof

If you live in a shaded area, some shingles have copper incorporated into the material, which helps prevent moss and mold from growing on shingles. Moss can eventually ruin shingles if left untreated for too long.

Roof with moss
multi colored shingles
mossy roof

Colored Shingles

Colored shingles will add beauty and style for years. There are a variety of options when choosing shingles with varying thicknesses and prices. Lower grade shingles tend to be thinner than higher grade shingles. We can help you decide which shingles are best for you. Does your roof have shingles over top of shingles? Weight is also a consideration when deciding on a new roof. Shingles help to keep attic spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the cold winter months.

Make Sure Your Roof Is Ready For Winter!

We will be happy to inspect your roof for any needed repairs!

We Are Insured

We are insured so you can be assured! We carry our own insurance so you can rest assured while we are on your roof, you are protected against accidents.

We work with the highest safety standards in mind and adhere to OSHA laws and regulations.

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