Does your home or business need a fresh coat of paint? We specialize in all types of finishes and colors. You can save a substantial amount of money by painting old kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities!

painted kitchen

Painted Trim

Revive old dark wood base boards, door and window casings with a fresh coat of white paint! White makes your living space appear fresh, clean and modern. White will also make your room feel larger.

Painted Trim
grey and white kitchen

Grey and White

Grey and white are the latest color trends for twenty twenty. By incorporating bright colors within art work, rugs and furniture, grey goes with anything! Grey and white make living spaces feel larger while lending a calming sensation. By adding some black elements, you will really make the space pop!

Modern Design

Let us help you pick colors that will fit both your lifestyle and personality. Changing wall and trim colors make a huge impact and will make your space feel clean, fresh and updated.

modern painted interior

Does Your Deck Need A Facelift?

Michigan weather is hard on deck boards. It’s crucial to ensure wood is protected from rain and snow by applying a good stain and sealer on deck boards. This not only will save on the pocket book, a freshly stained deck is very appealing to the eye. A refinished deck will make any structure look newer and updated.

Construction Solutions can help you decide which finish and color is best for you. Schedule a free estimate and we will be happy to assist in your decision!