Is your home or business in need of new flooring? We specialize in hardwood and laminate flooring. Flooring is the most integral element of your home’s interior design and appeal.

Laminate flooring finished

Hardwood Floor Refinish

Restoring the original hardwood flooring in your home will make it look new again. Hardwood floors render a classic look while retaining the value. Sanding original hardwood flooring will make them smooth again, while removing all the old finishes. Proper preparation is imperative when restoring older hard wood floors.

Hardwood Flooring

Steps To Refinishing Wood Floors

Behind every successful refinished hardwood floor, is a series of multiple steps. From start to finish, each step is imperative to achieving a flawless, vibrant hardwood floor.

Finished Wood Floors

Ready For A New Finish

After a good sanding, floors are ready for a new finish! Several coats of stain and polyurethane, these floors look good as new. Many older homes have the original hardwood flooring buried beneath carpet. Refinishing the them is very cost effective and still maintains the integrity of the home.

Wood Flooring

Choose What Flooring Is Best For You

Depending on the amount of traffic, if you’re a pet owner or have young children, there is flooring that is a fit for every lifestyle and preference. Construction Solutions is here to help you decide which flooring will work best for you and your family.

Laminate Flooring